Database Management Services

Changing market and technology landscape has a direct effect on the data management needs of an organization. As technology is placed at the forefront of every business today, it has resulted in an explosive growth in data. Many organizations are struggling to manage, protect, mitigate risk, and maintain rapidly growing information assets while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Also, companies are often unable to accurately determine the size and scope of their data management needs because those constantly change due to the dynamic nature of the business. These changes are not always foreseeable, they require continual implementation, decommissioning, and re-deployment of IT infrastructure and systems.

Further, the core of any technology solution is in Database Management. Added to this is the fact that setting up a good database management team requires a fair amount of time, risk, and money, which most companies do not wish to invest in unless it is their core business. Overall, managing a successful database infrastructure requires a combination of the right people, processes, and products.

Exult, as a trusted partner offers you complete peace of mind with its Database Management Services consisting highly skilled and competent resources, mature processes and premium partnerships with all major technology vendors. Spanning a wide array of databases, we provide support for Informix, MS-Access, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, and Postgres SQL. With intelligent monitoring and proactive management, we function as an extended arm of your IT organization and deliver superior application efficiency and database control and also ensure 24x7 availability & performance of your business-critical databases.

Simply, we are the best!

Our offerings deliver end-to-end solutions that can help optimally enhance your business’ performance while bringing in agility and reduced costs. Exult’s complete spectrum of services help you build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure.

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