Disaster Recovery Consulting

These elements combine to offer customers faster recovery than has ever been possible before and a solution with total integrity. Exult offers flexibility to customers to select either dedicated or syndicated or dedicated and syndicated (both) workplace recovery seats to suit each customer’s business needs and budget. It is ensured that each customer will be able to recover quickly and efficiently even in case of multiple disasters.

In future, Exult shall provide an option for recovery within any of our recovery centers. Exult has a niche expertise in Remote Infrastructure management and System Integration which has enabled us to implement the most appropriate technology products and also extract the best of the same to get faster and smooth recovery for our customers.

Disaster Recovery Plan for your Industry:
Depending on the emergency and the pain area of your business that needs immediate attention, we offer comprehensive, flexible recovery options tailored to meet your specific technical and business requirements.

Manufacturing: Business uninterrupted
As a manufacturer, even a minute of downtime can spoil your products, ruin schedules, impact earnings and compromise safety and compliance. Since ERP availability is crucial, you need a Disaster Recovery plan that will account for and ensure the recovery of all business processes.

Exult DR consultants work collaboratively with you in a phased, step-by-step approach. Our DR plan provides you an alternate workspace environment for employees and facilitates ongoing operations within a timeframe that is consistent with the needs of the business. This also ensures all regulatory requirements are covered.

The multi-location presence of Exult recovery centers and Tier III data centers helps us to support business continuity in event of disasters. Also through redundant connectivity, we ensure 24 x 7 availability of applications and data for your manufacturing and supply chain needs.

IT/ITES: Guaranteeing peace of mind
A well – planned business continuity initiative can form a solid base to providing essential services to your customer on a continuous basis. No matter how big or small your business is, there are affordable steps you can take to minimize loss and enjoy the peace of mind you need to operate your business.

IT/ITES is an industry where business continuity is critical for Inbound & Outbound operations, 24x7. Hence, we offer you comprehensive assistance to recover and continue critical IT-based business operations after a service interruption or major catastrophe.

Our secondary data centers function as a cost-effective option for ensuring protection to your critical business information. We offer complete setup with IT and Telecommunication facilities to ensure your business continues uninterrupted. We enable automated backup and recovery, assuring redundancy through multiple service providers, round the clock.

What's more, we help to reduce hardware costs significantly through increased server and storage utilization and reduplication.

BFSI: Keeping critical information secure
The loss of financial and customer data can be catastrophic for a bank. With most banking organizations increasingly going digital with core banking systems and online banking services, it has become absolutely essential for a bank to have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan in place for its IT infrastructure.

For more than 2 decades, banking and finance have been the most regulated industry in the area of disaster recovery planning. RBI regulation makes it mandatory for banks, private and public, to have a Disaster recovery plan as a part of its strategic management.

Our DR solution offers in-depth monitoring and alerting capabilities which provide a better visibility into recovery. We also ensure that the DR metrics meet RBI, IRDA and SEBI compliance and other regulatory requirements.

Pharma: Continuity for critical data and applications
As medical and clinical arena has become more dependent upon computing services, the need for recovery strategies has also accelerated. Due to the critical nature of Pharma business, every piece of information needs to be completely backed up and made recoverable so that business can be resumed in the timely fashion in a crisis situation.

Timeliness, availability, and retention are crucial for electronic medical records in clinical treatment. Through Exult DR service, we ensure increased reliability with customer-proven, best-of-breed availability technologies. We provide Pharma industry redundant connectivity to ensure mission-critical data and applications remain up and running.

Simply, we are the best!

Our offerings deliver end-to-end solutions that can help optimally enhance your business’ performance while bringing in agility and reduced costs. Exult’s complete spectrum of services help you build and manage a highly available, reliable IT infrastructure.

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