Industry Verticals


Today customers expect banks to provide the latest solutions including 24×7 banking on all devices, heightened security, data privacy and fast customer support. It is important for banks to showcase their innovation and technology to remain competitive. Exult Corp. can play a vital role in transforming the bank’s information technology infrastructure and also provide technical education and skill upgrades to the bank employees.


This is a high growth, high competition sector where new innovations are coming to market every day. Educational organizations are leveraging information technology and communication solutions to provide faster, customized solutions to their students and teachers. In such an environment the transfer and security of data and the reliability of the network is paramount. Exult Corp. can provide best in class solutions to education institutions to ensure that schools, universities, and colleges are not only known for their knowledge but also for their technology and innovation.


The engineering services industry today is highly competitive, innovative and technology dependent. No company can remain competitive in this industry without the constant upgrade of their technology and workflow processes such as ERP, design and process control. Shortage of skilled workers and increased risk have added further to the challenges of the engineering firms. Exult Corp. can provide information technology solutions that adopt the next generation of technology, create efficient processes and overcome these challenges


Customers today have very different expectations on how financial services are provided to them. For financial services companies, managing data, market research, staffing needs & process efficiency have become critical. Exult Corp. can offer various services and solutions that provide financial companies with the competitive edge for interactions and transactions with their customers.


The logistics industry today faces a range of challenges from fluctuating fuel prices, increased competition, geographically spread operations and thin margins. For a logistics company to grow and succeed they need to collaborate effectively with partners and process large volumes of data efficiently and effectively. Exult Corp. can provide application, collaboration and IT solutions that work in harmony to provide seamless, secure and efficient services to the customers and partners in the value chain.


With changing political landscapes, development and growth have become the mantra for governments across the world and especially in India. Citizens now expect and demand better services, ready access to information and interactions with government departments through information technology. Exult Corp. can partner with government agencies to create data management strategies, develop information technology solutions and also address regulation, compliance and security issues.


The healthcare industry is facing a technological revolution with collaboration and internet technology redefining how health care services are provided to the population. Healthcare providers need to reinvent their technologies and practices to remain relevant in this fast-changing environment. Syndrome provides efficiently designed information technology solutions that reduce cost, improve quality standards and provide healthcare to patients more speedily and safely.


The hospitality industry is fast evolving with technological innovation in all areas of service and experience to the end customer. From ticketing and billing to managing the customer experience, technology solutions are driving innovation and efficiency across hotels, restaurants, and resorts. Exult Corp. can study specific requirements and come up with best information technology solutions that empower hospitality companies to provide world-class experiences to their customers.


In the current economic environment, ITES companies are struggling with high attrition, fierce competition, and declining profit margins. To remain competitive, ITES and BPO firms need to adopt nimble and resilient IT solutions that are operationally efficient and maximize productivity. Exult Corp. can help you redefine processes to leverage cutting-edge information technology that will deliver tangible business results.


In today’s globalized world, manufacturing companies are facing unprecedented challenges in factory floor management, research and development, supply chain and customer delivery. Technology solutions need to cater to high-speed information delivery, data security and faster decision making through innovative MIS solutions. Syndrome understands these challenges and can design and deliver IT services and products based on the latest technologies to deliver end to end solutions for all the manufacturing industry needs.


The media industry is not only about the visual experience but also about the speed of content delivery, integration across all channels and market reach. The media industry also needs to keep an eye on changing consumer behavior, competition, and emerging models through cutting-edge analytics and MIS solutions. Exult Corp. can offer a consultative approach to understand the needs of media houses and design appropriate information technology and infrastructure solutions for all types of operating models.


Fluctuating prices, high capital costs, ongoing safety challenges and heavy government oversight and scrutiny are some of the challenges facing the Oil and Gas industry. The information technology solutions need to keep pace with the various geographical complexities, changing infrastructure requirements and also track data from diverse points of collection. Exult Corp. can help Oil & Gas companies manage their information technology infrastructure and create information technology solutions to manage and analyze data securely across networks.


Today’s pharmaceutical companies are under extreme scrutiny to provide very high-quality products with high level of compliance with regulations at lower cost. Companies are struggling with patent issues, R&D, regulations, cost-pressures, and even government intervention. Exult Corp. can provide pharmaceutical businesses with the best information technology and collaboration solutions that will help them thrive and grow in this challenging environment.


A smart city is about leveraging information technology and the internet of things (IOT) to manage and utilize the urban environment for the betterment of the citizens. It can range from enhanced quality of urban services to faster access to information for citizens. Exult Corp. can help develop the next generation of smart city applications to manage urban workflow and real-time responsiveness along with monitoring and reporting MIS of the city growth.


The last decade has seen a virtual explosion of services and growth in the telecommunications industry with new technologies such as 4G/LTE, cloud and smartphones changing the landscape of the industry. Telecommunications companies have had to become more customer focused and growth driven. Exult Corp. can help transform the information technology infrastructure and operations, build/ manage complex networks and provide big data analytics solutions.


Today FMCG are under unprecedented pressure from competition, shrinking margins, reducing market shares and government regulations and scrutiny. In such an environment, FMCG companies need to be agile and responsive to changing market conditions and ensure the quality of products with speedy delivery to market. This requires robust information technology solutions along the entire supply chain from manufacturing to delivery. Syndrome’s team of experts, use their industry experience to create the innovative solution to help them manage the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.